Teen Community Service Program

Manhattan Workmen’s Circle School’s teen group provides meaningful opportunities for teens to make a difference, engage with Jewish culture, and have fun.

About once a month, the group gathers for service projects that include visits with the elderly, volunteering with children with special needs, and work in soup kitchens. Teens also meet for Jewish cultural activities, activism, and social gatherings, and participate in Workmen’s Circle’s holiday celebrations and special events.

An experienced group leader coordinates sessions, and the group meets before and after each event to process new experiences and socialize.

Here are photos of Manhattan Workmen’s Circle School teens…

  • Beautifying schools with New York Cares (photos)
  • Travelling to Washington D.C. for the Justice for All March (photos)
  • Making sandwiches for a Brooklyn soup kitchen (photos)
  • Visiting with seniors through Dorot’s Passover package delivery (photos)

To register, please visit "Enroll in our Teen Group".

"Out of all my experiences, which included raising money and growing trees, my favorite time was when I worked in a soup kitchen in a synagogue. Hurricane Sandy had just hit, and there were hundreds of people who had lost their homes because of that. So I got together with some of my friends and some other people, and we created this whole system. Someone would pass bread and I would add cheese and pass to the next person so they could put lettuce on. We kept on circulating, too concentrated to even speak to each other. Time flew until we reached our goal of eight hundred sandwiches."

- Shayna