B’nei Mitsve 2012

Mazel tov, 2012 graduates!

Our 2012 collective B’nei Mitsve ceremony was held at Camp Kinder Ring in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Shule families joined friends and relatives of the nine b’nei mitsve students for an extraordinary day. 

What people are saying about your amazing day:

"I feel good about the future, after watching and listening to our grandchildren's generation share with us their spirit, their ideals and their hearts." -- Tela, grandparent

"Each of the nine students presented their final project which included topics like “What is a secular Jew,” “The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire,” “The Vilna Partisans,” “Einstein and Passivism.” Some referenced Torah portions...in Hebrew, in Yiddish or in English. They sang. They performed. They were poised, well-informed, well-prepared by their teachers, and well-supported by their parents and extended families." -- Madelon Braun, Workmen’s Circle board president


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