MWCS and Workmen’s Circle

Founded in 1900, the Workmen’s Circle helped Eastern European immigrants assimilate into American life. Today’s Workmen’s Circle is driven by two powerful and connected values: the celebration of our culture and the pursuit of social and economic justice.

The Workmen’s Circle’s unique learning programs combine Jewish cultural heritage and social justice activism to create a more beautiful and better world for all – a shenere un besere velt far ale in Yiddish.

The New York City-based Manhattan Workmen's Circle School is part of a growing national network that includes the Boston Workmen’s Circle, the I. L. Peretz Jewish School in Long Island, and the Westchester Workmen’s Circle School.

We are proud to be affiliated with Camp Kinder Ring, the Workmen’s Circle overnight camp in the beautiful Hudson Valley, where many of our students are enthusiastic campers. During the year, the camp provides a wonderful getaway for special events, including our collective bar/bas mistve ceremony in the spring.

To learn more about Workmen's Circle's offerings in Jewish learning, social justice, Yiddish language, and camp, go to the national website: