MWCS rejects recent discriminatory Subway ads

We the community of Midtown Workmen's Circle School believe in universal respect and decry any kind of language that disparages or dehumanizes people of any faith, background, or tradition.

We make this statement to assert our absolute opposition to the recent New York City subway ads that characterize people of Muslim faith in terms once (and sometimes still) directed at Jews and other minorities.

Such language has no place in today's world and stands outside of every tradition of justice, education, and respect for neighbor that we strive to preserve in our school.

That such an advertisement would be funded by an American organization that seeks to ally itself with the interests of Israel represents not only a rupture with the best American and Jewish traditions, but represents achallenge to American Jewish institutions to sharply separate themselves from such an odious and bigoted display.

We recognize that this is the action of a small fringe group and we join with all organizations -- Jewish, Muslim, and nonaffiliated -- who elevate discussion and reject bigotry.