Early Childhood Playgroup

Do you have a child who is too young for the children’s program?  Are you interested in activities for your toddler while you participate in programs for adults?  

Open to children 0-4, our early childhood playgroup is a great option for younger siblings and for families who wish to be involved in the community.

The group meets on Sundays alongside our regular children’s program, and is led by our teenage student teachers. Each session includes play-based children’s activities, songs, and stories related to a holiday.

In addition to playtime and stories, the group joins with older children and their teachers for music and Yiddish games like “Katshke, Katshke, Gandz” (Duck, Duck, Goose).

The early childhood playgroup gathers during every shule class day, with scheduled activities from 10:00 AM to 12:15 PM. Children are welcome to come for only part of the day. The cost of enrolling in the playgroup for the year (Sept-June) is $300.